3 Popular eCommerce Trends for this Year

The E-commerce sector has witnessed some major changes in the past few years. It has continued its evolution with all the latest tech upgrades in the digital world. As the best web development company in India, we have witnessed the changes in E-commerce trends and practices. The sector has undergone a series of changes like the advent of AR and VR in the e-commerce sector to domineering of Mobile apps. For this post we are discussing 3 most popular e-commerce trends for this year:

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1. Virtual assistants for a user-friendly experience
Digital trends are highly aimed at improving the customer experience. This year is no different and it focuses on making the user experience better with the aid of virtual assistants. Like there are assistants that help buyers in choosing the right product based on the taste and preference, it is expected the virtual assistants in the nearby future will serve the same. The virtual assistants will eventually make this buying experience more realistic while helping shoppers in making better decisions.

2. Augmented reality and Virtual reality: milestones in the eCommerce industry
Augmented reality is considered as the turning event for the eCommerce industry as a whole. It is even considered as one of the most promising eCommerce trends for this year. AR or augmented reality can help in enhancing the experience for users by creating a realistic environment and thus it helps them in making wise choices.

The good thing is that there are many eCommerce stores that have enhanced the user experience with the aid of augmented reality.
Lens Kart is one such site based in India that has offered the shoppers this realistic experience. They allow shoppers to try different frames based on their face structure. The site creates a virtual 3D face of the shopper based on points of the human face and you can easily try out frames to see how they actually look on the face when you buy one. AR has already proved to be quite progressive and promising for online stores.

3. Mobile App continues to be dominant
As the eCommerce store, your first step is to build a more effective and dynamic website. For that, they can hire the best web development company in Jaipur. But don’t forget that users access it via smartphones and hence your website should be responsive so that it can be accessed through all different devices.

Mobile phones continue to be the primary choice of shoppers and they love to make their purchases with it too. Apart from responsive websites, mobile apps are also the preferred option in the eCommerce sector. They clearly have been one major extension that has proved to increase the revenue. In fact, as per trends, mobile apps will continue to outshine the websites for e-commerce sector.

With these trends, there is a w lot more perspective that can be unfolded by the E-commerce stores. To learn more about trends and practices that will help in improving conversion rates for your E-commerce stores, you can hire web design and development company in India.


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