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5 Crazy Things We Learned About Google

In your childhood days, if something was fast enough to be completed in just a moment, appears like magic. A few years ago when people had no idea about videos if they can see something moving on a plane sheet kind of thing, people called it magic. Nowadays any new step taken by Google seems to be magically true in this advanced world. Keeping all this in mind, let us take a look at the five crazy things Google has achieved .

1. Google assistant
Google has become the first company to launch an application like an assistant which is now on more than one platform. Well, Google assistant is on android as well as iPhone and is kicking perfectly on both the devices. Including the latest android phones and now as iPhonehas also accepted Google assistant there are more than 400 million devices which have Google assistant now.

2. Most photo uploads
With the latest Google Pixel 2 taking a...

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Staring Of A New Era: WhatsApp P2P Payment

After the demonetization, the payment industry in India is booming like wildfire, almost every messaging app has integrated P2P money transaction models, like Hike and TrueCaller, over their platforms. Applications like Google Tez and BHIM has achieved a level of success which is not hidden from anyone. Looking at the scenario, when Whatsapp launched the P2P payments, it is probably the one thing to keep an eye on.


The user database covered by WhatsApp is already huge, and in that case, the P2P payment will cover a lot of lives, and it has the audacity to bring a new era of online payments. There are ways that it will touch people’s lives, let us put some light on a few points.

  1. Return on Investments

A lot of business are working on Instagram and WhatsApp, and the mode of payment is changing from person to person. Well now when Whatsapp is introducing the Whatsapp wallet, it will...

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What Is Good For Website: Attracting Web Design Or High Number Of Web Pages?

The best way to search for anything is to open google and type anything you want and google finds it for you. Which means Google is capable of searching anything on the internet which has been uploaded on any website or any blog. And the number of Google results have helped us to understand that there are a lot of websites online. Amongst all the websites what kind of website is viewed more often is a very important topic to be discussed with the young web developers who are keen to work under the best web development company.

There can be two categories of websites. First one will include a website with a very interactive and beautiful design, and thesecond one would be a website which has a lot of information with a lot of web pages. Well, there are both positive and negative points of both the ways.



A website which has an amazing web design is easy to contact...

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Top 4 Inventions To Look For In The Year 2018

Technology is running faster than time and organizations have made android app development companies and some of the most amazing gadgets to amaze the day to day world. So the upcoming year is going to be even more amazing where we will have to keep a keen eye on some of these amazing gadgets. Let’s begin the countdown:


Number 4:
Seazet: An amazing new technology where a man can surf over a motor surfboard which is a slight to 14.7 kg. The board is made up of high-quality full carbon body which has made the weight of the board so light and easy to carry. This 100 cc surfboat provides you an amazing speed over the waves and with the help of its anti-corrosion coating engine it glides you through the waves and makes your exciting journey even more challenging and fun.

Number 3:
Caruzzo: Have you ever purchased a new brand car and you couldn’t relate to the anxiety within a constant...

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What Are The Most Interesting HTML/JS/DOM/CSS Hacks For Web Developers

Creating a webpage becomes a far easiest thing when people do have the right tool in their hands. At present days and ages, the programming languages are becoming far simpler than our imagination. The web development programming languages which are used extensively in the market are HTML, JS, DOM, and CSS. People can get an extensive knowledge of it when they are exposed to some of the interesting hacks. Here are some of the interesting hacks which can be used by programmers and website developers for making their work so simple and classic!


Hacks for HTML

As from a smaller grade of computer studies, we are exposed to HTML as one of the simplest languages of website creation. To make your work stand out of web Development Company these hacks will be quite useful. Most of the programming codes of HTML are in paragraphs and there are special elements for paragraphs as. Try to avoid the...

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List of Mobile App Makers without Writing a Line of Code

Nowadays it is essential for every business platform to build a website and mobile app to stay in market competition. To implement such things, either you should know how to write programming code or invest money in bulk.
But the web professionals have been offered app makers, a convenient & feasible way, to develop mobile apps without writing a single line of code. App makers are very easy to use because you just have to drag & drop modules according to your product & services’ requirement. The app makers facilitate with social integration, e-commerce, maps, push notifications, booking functionality, and other powerful features. Like they are free, help to publish apps at app store, provide app templates for different business platforms etc.

Here we are listing down most popular mobile app makers, so you can develop your own mobile app without writing a line of code. Have a look:


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Open Source Web Development Tools

Open source web development allows you to utilize software which is freely available for public uses. The web professionals make use of source code to write the program. It is the best way for professional web development company & their professionals to write code & run programs. Open source tools & software programs available with a source-code under an open source license to study, change & improve its design. Here we are listing down the currently popular open source tools but it’s not been easy to list out few because different people have different interests. So have a look:



It was released in 2009 and it is a JavaScript run time built on Google chrome’s V8 JS engine. It’s an open source cross-platform environment to develop server side web applications. Node.js combines event driven, non-blocking, and I/O model which make it efficient and faster.



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Factors to Look for While Getting Your Business Logo Designed

Designing logo for a firm or professional web development company is interesting but makes it clear it’s not as simple as you are considering it. A logo is more identifiable than the brand’s name. A logo is visual representation of the brand that combines identity and creates a sense of familiarity and loyalty in the mind of audience. If you are thinking, logo design is just like creating an ordinary design including colors, fonts and some fancy styles than you are misunderstanding. Either you are beginning a new business or branding your startup, logo plays a huge role in creating presence in the market. Here are some factors to consider before you start creating the logo:

Design should be simple
When you start making a logo try to keep it simple, because logos that are simple gets immediate attention of the viewer and remark your existence in their mind. Don’t try to make a...

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Third party Java Libraries – Offering Applications with Extended Functionality

Java is one of the most powerful programming language all over the world. It is famous among web developers and web development companies on a large scale. It has been adopted to use in various scenarios. It can be used in web application development, java based projects, network programming etc. it features java libraries for developers to address and resolve the issues related to programming.

These java libraries extend the functionality of various java applications, as the core java libraries, there are third party java libraries which are also useful for java developers. So let’s have a look on third party java libraries which are famous for HTML parsing, game development, chart designing, web projects and more.

It is a Java Parser HTML library which parses HTML to the same DOM just like the modern browser. It allows parsing HTML from URL, file or string HTML elements, text...

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A List of Small CSS Framework for Responsive Web Design

When you are working with small, straightforward professional web design company you don’t need to use the features come with large UI frameworks. Small CSS frameworks have non-dependency on javascript functionality and faster load times for the user. There are much simpler and smaller CSS frameworks that can be used instead of large frameworks for responsive CSS web designs:

“"Blaze CSS”“
Blaze CSS provide extraordinary functionality to your designs. It is already of lightweight due to its modular architecture you can reduce its file size even more. Its modular architecture allows you to use only parts, that you want to use in your projects.

Kube wraps up basic elements in the range of less than 6 KB. It encloses responsive grid system, robust set of classes for designing and styling the web forms, notification classes to display important messages to your user, numerous grid...

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