What Is Good For Website: Attracting Web Design Or High Number Of Web Pages?

The best way to search for anything is to open google and type anything you want and google finds it for you. Which means Google is capable of searching anything on the internet which has been uploaded on any website or any blog. And the number of Google results have helped us to understand that there are a lot of websites online. Amongst all the websites what kind of website is viewed more often is a very important topic to be discussed with the young web developers who are keen to work under the web development outsourcing company.

There can be two categories of websites. First one will include a website with a very interactive and beautiful design, and the second one would be a website which has a lot of information with a lot of web pages. Well, there are both positive and negative points of both the ways.



A website which has an amazing web design is easy to contact, where everything can be found easily and the user will be amazed at the simplicity yet great looks of the website. On the other hand, in order to create a big website, if we cut short our budget in the appearance of the website, you will have to face the fact that reach ability is very important.

Visual Hierarchy:

This term is very important for the web developers. It is a pre-image which is created in the subconscious of a user, when you open a website you imagine the look of the website to be in a specific order and if the user does not find the same stuff he gets a little unimpressed with the website. So the visual hierarchy is very important, and if you do not create one on your website. You can easily see the consequences when the traffic will be diverted to a different small but visually better website.

Potential to be discovered:

If your website has a lot of web pages, which covers a lot of ground so the traffic on your website will increase as Google will be able to pinpoint a lot of stuff from your website, instead of letting your website unrecognized by the others. This cannot happen if you have a website with less amount of pages.

So in the end, the best way to create a website is to find an amazing web designer with a keen knowledge about the visual hierarchy and who will be able to include a lot of pages in the same website. Thank you


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