Top 4 Inventions To Look For In The Year 2018

Technology is running faster than time and organizations have made android app development companies and some of the most amazing gadgets to amaze the day to day world. So the upcoming year is going to be even more amazing where we will have to keep a keen eye on some of these amazing gadgets. Let’s begin the countdown:


Number 1:
Seazet: An amazing new technology where a man can surf over a motor surfboard which is a slight to 14.7 kg. The board is made up of high-quality full carbon body which has made the weight of the board so light and easy to carry. This 100 cc surf boat provides you an amazing speed over the waves and with the help of its anti-corrosion coating engine it glides you through the waves and makes your exciting journey even more challenging and fun.

Number 2:
Caruzzo: Have you ever purchased a new brand car and you couldn’t relate to the anxiety within a constant fear of getting to know about your car if it is ok or not? Well, your tension can be ended by an amazing device caruzzo. Put the device in your car, connect it with the help of the application on your phone. And voila. Caruzzo will let you know about the condition of your car. If your car is getting towed away, if your car got scratched or if someone bumped into your car? Everything can be monitored over your smartphone. You can find your car in the parking lot using the GPS on the Caruzzo and the best part is that this device is cheaper than any car security available. All you have to do is put the device in the car and roam around.

Number 3:
Mliter: At first look, all you can see is a kitchen knife holder and why would someone pay a handsome amount for a Kitchen Knife holder? But Mliter is a smart knife holder which sterilizes and sharpen your kitchen knife in a jiffy. The germicidal ultraviolet rays ionize the O2 in the air to O3 and sterilize your knifes and make your kitchen knife perfect in shape to work upon. If your knife is blunt just press a button and get your knife back in shape.

Number 4:
LeTrans: If you travel a lot to other countries and you don’t know a lot of languages so might have an issue connecting with the people around you. LeTrans the latest technology device helps you createan environment where you can talk to anyperson in their respective language. The device is compatible to work get connected to more than 10 devices at once using Bluetooth. It has a 4g sim port and Wi-Fi accessibility. It works in real time with 97% accuracy rate. All you have to do is to connect your device to your smartphone and start talking.


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