5 Crazy Things We Learned About Google

In your childhood days, if something was fast enough to be completed in just a moment, appears like magic. A few years ago when people had no idea about videos if they can see something moving on a plane sheet kind of thing, people called it magic. Nowadays any new step taken by Google seems to be magically true in this advanced world. Keeping all this in mind, let us take a look at the five crazy things Google has achieved .

1. Google assistant
Google has become the first company to launch an application like an assistant which is now on more than one platform. Well, Google assistant is on android as well as iPhone and is kicking perfectly on both the devices. Including the latest android phones and now as iPhone has also accepted Google assistant there are more than 400 million devices which have Google assistant now.

2. Most photo uploads
With the latest Google Pixel 2 taking a picture has got way cooler. It has optical image stabilization, employs machine learning and even has a video stabilization till the capacity of a smartphone’s range. With this being said, Google has revealed that on this New Year, throughout the world people have uploaded more than 3 billion photographs on the google drive.

3. Google cloud’s earning
Google Drive is a mobile app or the software or a web app built by the offshore web development services
google-485611_960_720.jpgprovides the access to the Google cloud. Nowadays there are a lot of other apps as well, just like Google pixel has built-in application to upload all your photos to the cloud with unlimited online space. Hence Google cloud is a major earning part for Google. The Google cloud brings around $1 billion dollars every quarter.

4. YouTube visitors
Everyone already has a good idea, if there is a new movie trailer, or any news live, or any informative video that you are willing to see, all you have to do is type “y” on your browser and the first suggestion is YouTube. This is the craze of YouTube in today’s world which does not make us think twice that it is true when Sunder Pichai the CEO of Google announced that every month over 1.5 billion people come and visit YouTube channel.

5. Self-driving car business
Porat CFO of Google and Alphabet announced that Waymo, the only fleet of driverless cars which works autonomously has covered 1 million miles in the past 6 months.

So these are the updates related to Google and more over the best announcements anyone would have ever expected.


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