List of Mobile App Makers without Writing a Line of Code

Nowadays it is essential for every business platform to build a website and mobile app to stay in market competition. To implement such things, either you should know how to write programming code or invest money in bulk.
But the web professionals have been offered app makers, a convenient & feasible way, to develop mobile apps without writing a single line of code. App makers are very easy to use because you just have to drag & drop modules according to your product & services’ requirement. The app makers facilitate with social integration, e-commerce, maps, push notifications, booking functionality, and other powerful features. Like they are free, help to publish apps at app store, provide app templates for different business platforms etc.

Here we are listing down most popular mobile app makers, so you can develop your own mobile app without writing a line of code. Have a look:

App builder

It allows you to develop your own native mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android app development services. You can use web browser and develop a native mobile app including all the basic features like photo gallery, news feed, and social media links like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc.
After finishing the development process, the app builder tool will send a mock-up to your phone and you will be able to perform testing too.


It is a drag & drop cloud based tool that allows the user to create web,
mobile & cross-platform applications. It also facilitates the app making services with the integration of back end services. you don’t need to download & install any software because it runs freely on cloud.


This app maker is best DIY native app development tool for Android & iOS without any coding & designing skill. It features 9 templates, 350 icons and 600 fonts. So you can create an interactive & attractive mobile app very effectively.


It is an easy to use DIY app development tool to create user friendly and high quality business application with attractive templates. You can also embed different feature including photo gallery, contacts etc. in the app.


One can develop any business app easily. It can be educational or lifestyle business app. Mobincube offers a wide range of customization features which allows you to create uniquely featured mobile app.
This way you can make free mobile apps without learning & writing any development code using these mobile app makers.


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