A List of Small CSS Framework for Responsive Web Design

When you are working with small, straightforward professional web design company you don’t need to use the features come with large UI frameworks. Small CSS frameworks have non-dependency on javascript functionality and faster load times for the user. There are much simpler and smaller CSS frameworks that can be used instead of large frameworks for responsive CSS web designs:
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“"Blaze CSS”“
Blaze CSS provide extraordinary functionality to your designs. It is already of lightweight due to its modular architecture you can reduce its file size even more. Its modular architecture allows you to use only parts, that you want to use in your projects.

Kube wraps up basic elements in the range of less than 6 KB. It encloses responsive grid system, robust set of classes for designing and styling the web forms, notification classes to display important messages to your user, numerous grid pattern and table classes and more.

Pure is an open source project with a combination of CSS module for designing a quick and responsive web design. Pure has all the basic patterns of HTML like buttons, modules, web forms, grid layout, navigation menus etc.

Milligram is adapted for the modern UI frameworks. It consists grid system accessing flexbox, and its length & sizes use rem unit which allows approaching Mobile first. It only supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, and Safari. But good things always carry a certain amount of cost.

It is the smallest framework in the listing with 12 column grid system, button styles, table styles, icons compatible with android etc. Min even supports oldest versions of Internet Explorer 5.5.

It is a minimalist framework prepared for building responsive web designs. Siimple is quite similar to Skeleton consisting 12- column grid system & base styles for typography tables, buttons, forms and more.

Most of the professional web designers consider it a forward-thinking CSS with micro framework whereas it is all set for the contemporary web designs. Furtive is Mobile first that has a grid based responsive outline on Flexbox and accesses rem unit for its length & sizes. Including these features, it also covers the basic features like buttons, forms, color Class and more.

Though Skeleton hasn’t been updated over a year, it comprises features that are still on top priority. For quickly building modern responsive designs. It features with all basic elements of HTML like a grid system, base styles etc.

Lotus is the smallest CSS framework. It has covered all the necessary criteria including responsive grid system, typography, web forms and more.

FOX CSS is another lightweight CSS framework with the modular architecture. This framework follows the Mobile first approach. It supports every browser, no matter, either it’s oldest or latest.it has also got the CSS reset feature (inspired by KNACSS).

This list consists a few number of items, you can also look for frameworks with similar features.


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