Revolution in SEO since Last Decade According to Expert SEO Company

For every successful business, it is essential to reach maximum number of customers. For this purpose, having a web presence is essential. Since there is growth in number of internet users, this goal is easier to achieve. However, there are many businesses going online every day, which is why competition is increasing. Today, maximum users use search engines to look for best companies providing required services. According to an expert SEO Company, if your business is among top search results, chances for many customers visiting website get increased. Therefore, it is now essential to acquire quality SEO services. However, there have been huge changes in SEO since last decade.

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The first search engine was launched by Google in 1997. At that time, a program named “PageRank” was used to crawl over web pages to determine how relevant it is to a search term. This search was totally keyword-centric and based on the word typed in search box. The web pages were sorted by relevancy to keyword or phrase. It led many companies to write content on web page that was full of commonly searched terms to gain high ranks. According to an expert SEO company, it led to link spamming.

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Many search engines realized this and tried better ways for benefits of users. These included other elements into account other than content. With the regular updates in search algorithms, results have now started to include multimedia elements, social media sites and blogs etcetera rather than being purely keyword centric. According to an expert SEO Company, Google now looks for blogs, social media links, helpful videos, and other helpful things which meet user’s requirements. Active websites are given higher importance than outdated ones.

Well, many search engines are trying very hard to make search user friendly. For this purpose, it is essential to provide relevant and highly valuable information to user. Therefore, to get your web page among top search results, it is essential to ask affordable SEO services company to provide updated services.

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