Third party Java Libraries – Offering Applications with Extended Functionality

Java is one of the most powerful programming language all over the world. It is famous among web developers and web development companies on a large scale. It has been adopted to use in various scenarios. It can be used in web application development, java based projects, network programming etc. it features java libraries for developers to address and resolve the issues related to programming.

These java libraries extend the functionality of various java applications, as the core java libraries, there are third party java libraries which are also useful for java developers. So let’s have a look on third party java libraries which are famous for HTML parsing, game development, chart designing, web projects and more.

It is a Java Parser HTML library which parses HTML to the same DOM just like the modern browser. It allows parsing HTML from URL, file or string HTML elements, text and attribute manipulation. Jsoup allows manipulating & extracting data using DOM traversal. J-Query methods, CSS selectors etc.

Commons Math
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Commons Math, a useful Mathematics library from Apache Commons, features math and statistics elements to address and resolve programming problems. It helps in solving problems like linear equations, differential functions, curve fitting etc. Commons Math includes packages for numerical analysis, complex numbers, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, fractions, and more.

The standard widget toolkit

The SWT an open source java library, which provides an efficient and portable access to the user elements of the operating system. SWT has a good documentation and provides a range of widgets, packages, and snippets on using the various tools.

Apache Log4
It is a logging library for java. It allows run time logging without changing the application binary. It is designed to active log statements to remain in shipping code without costing much in helps in reducing the cost of logging and reducing the volume of logging output.

Google Guava
It is a set of open source libraries, which includes basic and other utilities for implementing common behavior and methods. Google’s core libraries rely on java and widely used for java based projects like collections, caching, functional programming, primitive support, string processing and more.

Except for these 5 third party java Libraries you can also try to use Hibernate ORM (an object relation mapping library), JFree Chart (used by developers for displaying professional chart) and more. The web developers make use of third party java libraries according to their project need.


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